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Q: How can I or my client get into your Residential Program?

A: Fill out our application (link) and fax it in to us with your most current Bio-Psych-Social Evaluation. For more details click here.

Q: When is the Food Pantry open?

A: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 am- 2:00 pm.

Q: Are you a homeless Shelter?

A: We are not a homeless shelter; we are a recovery home for men in recovery from substance abuse. If you are homeless and looking for a shelter, click here for resources.

Q: Do you serve holiday meals or give out Turkey/Christmas baskets?

A: We do not. However, the South Worcester Neighborhood Center gives out Turkeys and does holiday meals for the same Zip Codes that we do. Give them a call at (508) 757-8344 if you live in Zip codes 01610, 01602, 01603.

Q: Am I or my client eligible for your Residential Program?

A: If you are a male at the age of 18 or above, have a substance abuse history, and are working on your recovery, you should send us an application (link) with your most current Bio-Psych-Social Evaluation.

Q: How do I know if I am eligible for your Food Pantry?

A: If you live in zip codes 01602, 01603 or 01610 and meet TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) guidelines.

Q: How can I volunteer at Jeremiah’s Inn?

A: There are several ways you can get involved! Click here to find out more.

Q: Are there any employment oppurtunities?

A: If a job becomes available, we will post it here on the website, on our Facebook page & other locations.

Q: What do you accept as donations?

A: We accept donations of food, clothes, and other select items. For more information, click here to see our Wish List.

Q: How do I get in touch with a resident at Jeremiah’s Inn?

A: We cannot confirm or deny that any individual is at our facility. In order to get or give information about a current or ex-resident, we need a signed Release of Information from that individual.

Q: I have heard that I can cook and serve a meal at Jeremiah’s Inn. How do I go about it and what days are available?

A: We are always looking for volunteers to cook and serve a meal at the Inn. For more information, click here. The available dates are listed on our Inn Calendar (link)